BHH Summer Workshops in July

July 12, 2009 - 8:43 PM

BHH is conducting two workshops this summer with the K-5 teachers of Prairie ISD.  Several teachers on the Cedar Rapids CSD Social Studies curriculum team will also participate in these events.  Mentors from Prairie's Ridge elementary school will team up with their grade level colleagues from other schools to help them navigate the BHH ropes.  History faculty from Knox College and The University of Iowa will also serve as guides through explorations in...

The History of Me (K)

My History at School (1st grade)

Immigration History (2nd grade)

Segregation History  (3rd grade)

The Great Depression  (4th grade)

The Columbian Exchange  (5th grade)

The workshop dates are July 30 & 31 and August 3 & 4.  Teachers attend one of the two events. 

The BHH staff, mentors and faculty are excited to meet, study with, and exchange education strategies with a brand new cohort of elementary history educators.   Teachers of Praire, you have a reputation for your innovative spirits and dedication to the children in your classes.  We're honored and thrilled to have this chance to collaborate with you. 

Best wishes for a glorious summer... and we'll see you soon!


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