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The Grant Wood History Institute (GWHI), a 2006-2010 professional development initiative, served more than 70 middle and high school history teachers from public school districts in the Grant Wood Area Education Association of east central Iowa. Funded by a U.S. Department of Education Teaching American History grant, the program expanded the Bringing History Home K-5 project into middle and high school classrooms. In research-based activities led by a team of History and Social Studies Education faculty from the University of Iowa in Iowa City and Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, GWHI participants shared and enhanced their command of historical narratives and inquiry teaching strategies. The GWHI website provides some of the guides and materials presented during our professional development events. In the Bringing History Home General Resources view you will find links to a number of history source databases and reproducible resources for the classroom, such as student primary source guides. Please contact BHH Director Elise Fillpot with comments on or suggestions for the site.

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