Bringing History Home Faculty

Elise Fillpot, BHH Founder and CEO

In 2001, Elise secured U.S. Department of Education funding to create Bringing History Home.  From 2001-2012, she was the full time director of BHH, collaborating with teachers and historians to design and implement the original curriculum units, conducting research, and securing $3.5 million in grants.  In her work with K-12 teachers, Fillpot has conducted workshops and courses for school districts across the United States.  

Elise was a Visiting Scholar for 12 years and a visiting assistant professor in the Department of History for 3 years at the University of Iowa, and the Elementary Education Social Studies faculty lead at Western Governors University for 7 years.  Her research explores the effects of teaching strategies on historical thinking in elementary and postsecondary classrooms.

Elise received a M.A. in History from Texas Tech and Ph.D. in Education from the University of Iowa.  

Her publications include:

Kearney, J. M., Yarbrough, D. B., & Fillpot, E. (2014). Using the Expanded Program Model to Evaluate the Bringing History Home Projects. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Evaluation Association.

Fillpot, E. (2012). Historical thinking in the third grade. The Social Studies, Routledge Press, n. 5, v.103. 

Fillpot, E. (2009). History in every classroom: Setting a K-5 precedent. In The Teaching American history project: Lessons for teachers and historians, Eds. Ragland, R. & Woestman, K. New York: Routledge Press. 

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Fillpot, E. (2005).  Start with the text, End with historical thinking.  Iowa Council for the Social Studies journal, vol. 18, n.1, 11-17.

Fillpot, E. (2004).  Teaching History K-6.  Iowa Council for the Social Studies journal, vol. 17, no.1, 17-21.

Fillpot, E. (1989). The Tribally-Controlled Community Colleges Act of 1978. Thesis in fulfillment of a M.A. in History, Texas Tech University.

Fillpot, E. Dating the past: Children’s understanding of historical chronologies.  Working title.  Manuscript in progress. 

Fillpot, E. & Denial, C. Reading historical evidence in the college classroom.  Journal article manuscript under review for publication.

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