World War II Trade School for women, Thomas Lake Logging Camp, Segregated Drinking Fountains, Evacuation Sale during Japanese Relocation

Celebrating 22 Years of 

   Bringing History Home!    

Since 2001, school districts have adopted Bringing History Home to engage children in rigorous history explorations.   Inspired by children's enthusiasm to learn, and student outcomes on rigorous assessments, districts in at least seven states have adopted Bringing History Home (BHH) evidence-based strategies.

In addition to BHH teaching strategies, on our website you will find bibliographies of selected children's history books, links to selected internet resources, and guides to using BHH strategies in college classrooms.  Revised and expanded courses based on Bringing History Home, and formatted for learning at home or in Smartboard-equipped classrooms, are available to purchase at The History School as of January 2023.  

Bringing History Home, now a non-profit corporation, was originally a project funded by four U.S. Department of Education Teaching American History grants.   Please contact us to learn more about how BHH can provide professional development and/or instructional materials for your school district.  

Bringing History Home is a registered 501(c)(3) charity.  

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