The Bringing History Home Evaluations

Bringing History Home was funded by four U.S. Teaching American History grants from 2001-2012.  As part of the projects, the University of Iowa Center for Evaluation and Assessment conducted external evaluations to measure the effects of the BHH professional development on teachers, and to measure student learning outcomes in BHH classrooms.  The evaluations were rigorous.  They centered on surveys to measure teachers’ self-reported growth in teaching history, and on pre- and post-tests to measure student learning.  The student learning evaluations utilized a quasi-experimental design, a rigorous format rarely implemented in elementary social studies research on the scale that it was conducted for BHH. 

The evaluations documented significant student learning and teacher growth, and provide rigorous evidence that the BHH processes are effective strategies to develop student knowledge of historical topics and historical thinking skills.   

The UI Center for Evaluation and Assessment conducted exemplary work; by documenting the BHH project activities and outcomes in great detail and with impeccable integrity, Don Yarbrough, Julie Kearney and the rest of their team at the Center provided a model for other researchers and evaluators who wish to conduct an exceptional project evaluation. 

We invite you to read and explore the Bringing History Home evaluations.

Bringing History Home, I

Bringing History Home, II

Bringing History Home, III

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