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Welcome to Comparing Viewpoints.  In this new addition to the collection of BHH blogs, we'll be posing questions and points-to-ponder to various people in the world of history education.  Participants will not see one another's responses prior to their post.  After posting, however, they may wish to engage in conversation via the comments section of the blog. 

We encourage readers to get involved!   Do you have suggestions for questions or points to ponder, and/or pairs of potential respondents?  Please send your ideas to BHH director Elise Fillpot.  And don't hesitate to chime in on the conversations via the comments section.  We welcome divergent opinions; we simply ask that exchanges be civil and respectful.   

Disclaimer - Positions, assertions, and opinions that appear on Comparing Viewpoints are in no way, implied or otherwise, necessarily endorsed or shared by the stakeholders of Bringing History Home.  The Bringing History Home web administrators reserve the right to delete any comments that are deemed uncivil or include any form of hate speech. 

Comparing Viewpoints -- Links to posts by topic
Topic: How can we trust evidence?

Dr. Catherine Denial's response
Dr. Konrad Hamilton's response


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